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vandalism charges atlanta

Vandalism Offenses – Criminal Defense Atlanta

Vandalism Offenses – Criminal Defense Atlanta

Most vandalism or criminal mischief cases are charged as misdemeanors.

If more than $1,500 worth of property is damaged, the case may be charged as a felony. In either case, it’s important to contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible to keep the charge from resulting in a permanent criminal record.

Providing criminal defense is something I take very seriously. I know I am holding your future in my hands.


Vandalism Criminal Defense

Juvenile Vandalism Offenses - Criminal Defense Atlanta

Some may say it’s “just boys being boys”, but law enforcement officials and district attorneys say otherwise. If you or a loved one is facing charges of criminal mischief, it is in your best interest to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney capable of winning criminal trials in Georgia courts.

At the law office of Edward Adams, we are committed to defending the rights of juveniles throughout Georgia, including Atlanta metro areas. Edward Adams, has over 30 years experience in criminal trial law. I understand how the prosecution approaches criminal mischief cases and can help.

Don’t let a one-time mistake ruin your good name. If you are facing charges of criminal mischief it is important to speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

When a underage child is charged with vandalism or defacing of property a parent of a minor child may be ordered to pay fines resulting from their child’s vandal behavior under a “parental liability” theory.

It would benefit you and your child to call me to keep the charges to if not a minimum but to possibly get all charges dropped.

In Georgia the fine for vandalism is $500 or more depending on circumstances. Jail is 1 year and probation is 3 years.

I offer a free case evaluation please go to the page and provide me with the information about your case so I can help you.


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Understanding Vandalism

Vandalism is an offense that occurs when a person destroys or defaces someone else’s property without permission. Effects of vandalism may include broken windows, graffiti, damage to vehicles.

Vandalism is a broad category crime that is used to describe a variety of behaviors. Generally, vandalism includes any willful behavior aimed at destroying, altering, or defacing property belonging to another.

Common behaviors that may lead to a vandalism charge include:

  • Spray painting another’s property with the purpose of defacing
  • Egging someone’s car or window
  • Keying (or scratching) paint off of someone’s car
  • Breaking someone’s windows
  • Defacing public property with graffiti and other forms of “art”
  • Slashing someone’s tires
  • Defacing park benches
  • Altering or knocking down street signs
  • Kicking and damaging someone’s property with your hands or feet and several other behaviors.

In addition, a person who possesses the means to commit vandalism, including possession of a drill bit, glass cutter, or other substance, may also face vandalism charges under certain circumstances (for example, a person under eighteen who carries a can of spray paint at a park or on school grounds).


Criminal Defense Attorney Atlanta | Criminal Defense Lawyer Atlanta

Criminal Defense Attorney Atlanta

I have practiced criminal defense since 1983. I have represented defendants charged with every imaginable crime including murder!

Criminal Defense Attorney Atlanta | Criminal Defense Lawyer Atlanta

As a Criminal Defense Attorney in Atlanta I have seen prosecutors walk away winning many cases due to the fact that the defendant was not represented with competent criminal defense lawyer. I know the laws and the procedures to stop that from happening to your case.

Before you go anywhere else, please go to my FREE case evaluation form and fill it out or feel free to call me 404.584.5060.

I promise the turn around in hearing from me is short lived because I know you need legal advice.

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Everyone is entitled to a defense. This is ingrained in our psyche.
But it is not universally accepted.

Criminal Defense Attorney Atlanta | Criminal Defense Lawyer Atlanta

It is important to understand the court system in georgia, your rights as a US citizen and what are the base charges there are for your case. 

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    Theft refers to crimes involving the taking of a person’s property without their permission. 
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    Aggravated assault is an assault which criminal laws punish more severely due to its seriousness.
  • Sexual Assault
    sexual assault generally refers to any crime in which the offender subjects the victim to sexual touching that is unwanted and offensive.
  • Vandalism
    Vandalism is an offense that occurs when a person destroys or defaces someone else’s property without permission.
  • Fraud
    Fraud is the intentional deception of a person or entity by another made for monetary or personal gain.


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