Edward Lavance Adams Attorney at Law

I have practiced Criminal Defense for over thirty years. I have represented defendants charged with every imaginable crime including murder.

I have been very successful in securing favorable results for my clients. That means that I have gained acquittals on many cases as well as being successful at getting charges reduced.

I lecture to a criminal justice class at the University of Georgia. After each class, a question and answer session is held. The most common questions being asked are 1) How can you represent someone that you know is guilty? 2) How can you represent criminals? I give the stock answer. Everyone is entitled to a defense and to have their rights protected.

Someone once said, ” I will not like lawyers until I need one.” Everyone may need a criminal defense lawyer one day. I have been very fortunate to have mentors to advise me through the years. All advice was welcomed and appreciated. The most helpful came from a judge whom I greatly respect. He told me that when someone commits a “first crime’, it is never a minor crime. This means that any record can have a negative impact on the life of the defendant. This means loss of a job, inability to gain employment, and the reality that many corporations will fire an employee for a misdemeanor conviction.

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Of all my successes, the most pleasing to me is when I am able to keep a defendant’s record clear by negotiating an alternative to a plea resulting in a conviction.

Through my association with help professionals and the medical community I have garnered deep insight into programs that work and I produce results for my clients that leave them able to return to their normal lives, often crime free.


I am a licensed attorney in the state of Georgia I am a member of the State Bar of Georgia and the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

I have been an active member of Civitan since l984 and served as their Governor (President) for two terms.
This enabled me to work with the mental health community and to serve the mentally challenged which has made me sensitive to the challenges families can encounter.

I have 30 years of practice in all Federal and State Courts. I practice predominately Family Law and Criminal Defense.

I believe that all cases should be resolved prior to trial but only if a fair resolution can be achieved.

I have participated in many trials that have produced favorable results for my clients and have the knowledge, skill and experience to achieve the best results.

My office is in downtown Atlanta near Centennial Park.