Grand Theft Auto Offenses

Auto theft is a pervasive crime across the United States.

Georgia auto theft laws for a juvenile (under the age of 17) can end up with probation, prison, home detention or waived to an adult court. It will depend on the judge overseeing the case. When a juvenile is waived to an adult court they are tried as an adult. This is why you need to get contact me right away if you are a parent!

Providing juvenile or adult criminal defense is something I take very seriously. I know I am holding a person’s future in my hands.

How are the Penalties and Sentencing for Theft Determined?

Since there are so many different crimes involving theft, penalties and sentencing for theft can be very different from one case to another.  Penalties and jail sentences can be pre-determined in a criminal statute.  However, courts will often consider the following when determining a sentence for a theft-related crime:

  • The type and value of the property stolen
  • The defendant’s criminal background- repeat offenses are punished more severely than first-time offenses; a misdemeanor may be charged as a felony if it is a repeat offense
  • Whether violence, force, or threats of force were used during the crime (as in robbery)

The first of these, the value of the property, is usually given the most importance when defining theft sentences.  In fact, the definition of a certain theft crime may depend on the amount that was stolen.

For instance, many states set a specific dollar amount, such as $1000, as the limit for petty theft.  Any theft for property above $1000 would result in a more serious charge, such as grand theft.  Thus, sentence is generally reflects the amount stolen. 

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First Time Auto Theft Offenders Criminal Defense

The Juvenile Arbitration Program is a diversion program for first time juvenile misdemeanor offenders. If this is your first time to be charged with auto theft it is possible to take advantage of this program.

Eligible First offenders: 

  • Youth Charged with a first time misdemeanor offense.
  • Youth referred to arbitration shall be assigned a point value for the primary offense.
  • Victims in the case must consent prior to youth entering Juvenile Arbitration.
  • Approval of the appropriate court authorities (i.e., Judge, Program Director, Law Enforcement Agencies, Sheriff’s Office, State Attorney’s Office).
  • Parent and youth will waive youth’s right to a speedy trial prior to Juvenile Arbitration.
  • The parent/legal guardian and youth will sign an Agreement that stipulates conditions for the youth to complete for successful completion from Juvenile Arbitration.

Repeat Grand Theft Auto Offenders:

Need to have a criminal defense attorney to represent them. 

At the Edward Adams Law Firm, we are dedicated to protecting and defending the rights of our clients and pursue positive results. We have successfully represented numerous juvenile crime cases throughout Georgia and have earned an excellent reputation. 

As an Atlanta juvenile criminal defense attorney, I will examine the charges against your child and create a strong and aggressive defense. 

The goal is to have the charges completely dismissed or reduced.

I offer a free case evaluation please go to the page and provide me with the information about your case so I can help you.