Murder Charges or Homicide Criminal Defense

In Georgia, murder and manslaughter are serious offenses. If convicted of murder, your life may be at stake. Under state law, convicted murders get a minimum of life in prison and may be sentenced to the death penalty.

When you have been charged with homicide or are under investigation for killing another person, you want aggressive representation from an experienced, knowledgeable and skilled lawyer.

You want an attorney who has handled homicide cases, who won’t back down when the going gets tough, someone who has successfully protected the rights of others in similar circumstances. I have represented several defendants for murder charges since 1983 and have an outstanding record for their criminal defense.

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Types of Assaults

  • Involuntary Manslaughter is when a person kills someone doing something legal in an illegal way. Most often, this applies when a person is killed by a DUI driver. The driver never intended to kill another person, but their illegal behavior was the cause. Involuntary Manslaughter is the least serious homicide charge in Georgia, but a person facing an Involuntary Manslaughter charge can still face years of jail time.

  • is when a person kills another person intentionally, but “in the heat of passion.” This most often applies when a person acted in self-defense, but overreacted to the threat and killed another person. The person acted with the intent to kill, but the self defense was “in the heat of passion” so the court will likely find the person guilty of Voluntary Manslaughter. It is important to note, however, that if the person has had any time to “cool off” before they go perform the killing, it becomes a murder.

  • Felony Murderoccurs when a death occurs during the commission of an “inherently dangerous felony.” In other words, if you decides to rob a bank with a gun, the gun goes off accidentally and kills the bank teller, then you will be guilty of felony murder – even if he had no intent to shoot anybody. Georgia is also one of the few states that allow a person to be charged with felony murder when an assault or battery escalates to the point where someone is killed.


Murder Charges | Homicide Charges | Murder Criminal Defense Atlanta

The practice of law is very rewarding. Most of all, is the gratitude of my clients when I am successful and their lives are restored! These are some of my favorite experiences:

I represented a seventeen-year old charged with armed-robbery. He faced a mandatory minimum prison sentence of ten years. I was able to reduce to a lesser charge and he had to do time but for only one year. He was also able to serve under the First Offender Statute (no conviction). this was an individual that had an extensive juvenile record. After my experience with him he remained out of trouble.

One day, I received a call from this client. He thanked me for “saving his life.” He told me that he had completed his GED while he was in prison and that as of his call to me, he was attending college.

An eighteen year-old client of mine had been an “All American” student. She was voted Most Popular and Best Dressed by her classmates. However, she had a problem. The clothes that she wore were stolen from major stores. Her “luck” finally ran out when she was arrested for felony shoplifting. The arrest had a profound effect on her. She felt remorseful and desired to change her life.

I was able to convince the prosecutor to allow her to enter a diversion program which she successfully completed and the charges were dismissed. Today, this young girl is a valued employee at a woman’s fashion store. She keeps in touch and credits me with her turn around.

There are several more cases involving young adults where their lives have changed considerably due to my interventions.

Below are different case with their outcome. I do not add names or case numbers to protect my clients.

Murder Charges or Homicide Criminal Defense


Theft of Services probation

Robbery 5 years to serve l-balance probation

Carrying a Concealed Weapon probation

Possession of Cocaine with Intent probation


Forgery probation
Armed Robbery reduced to Robbery-l0 years to serve 3
Criminal Damage to Property Pre-Trial Diversion
Possession of Cocaine with Intent probation


Obstruction of Law Enforcement Officer Pre-Trial Diversion Public Drunkenness probation Aggravated Assaultprobation Residential Burglaryl0 years to serve 2


Entering Auto probation
Terroristic Threats probation
Criminal Damage to Property Pre-Trial Diversion
Possession of Marijuana with Intent probation

2nd Degree Offenses

Affray (fighting) Pre-trial Diversion
Disorderly Conduct Pre-Trial Diversion
Loitering or Prowling probation
Aggravated Assault probation
Possession of Cocaine with Intent probation

3rd Degree Offenses

Carrying a Weapon Without a License probation Carrying a Concealed Weapon probation Trafficking Cocaine-reduced to Possession With Intent to Distribute. Sentenced to probation. Possession of Cocaine probation