Clients Testimonials

It is very fulfilling to have this kind of impact and leaves me feeling that I am truly making a difference.

While it is important to steer the young to a crime-free-life, the not-so-young can also become crime-free and productive citizens. They also have expressed their gratitude to me.

The previously cited cases were accomplished through “plea bargains.” However, sometimes trials are unavoidable. The case that I remember most involved an aggravated assault.

My client was observed by several people while he was pointing a pistol at another group of individuals. He was firing shots. No one was hurt but everyone was frightened.

Despite the evidence, my client insisted on a trial. This is everyone’s right. He claimed that he was only playing and did not intend to harm anyone.

Despite a vigorous defense, he was convicted. He was sentenced to a very lenient two years.

Several years later, I was sent an invitation to attend a new church. Intrigued, I attended. To my surprise, the Pastor was my client! He expressed the opinion that because he received a sentence for less than he deserved, he was able to turn his life around. He thanked me for my efforts and I thanked him for sharing his successes with me!

I am delighted with the feedback I have gotten from my clients over the years. Here are some:

“Thank you for discussing my case so clearly and honestly-with me and with my parents. Even though I gave my permission, you were not required to spend so much time with my folks. It made them feel so much better.”

“Thank you for returning our calls so promptly! More importantly, thank you for answering your phone personally! It is so helpful not to have to go through other people to get to you!”

“You are a wonderful attorney! It is easy to see that you really care about your clients! I got probation, no jail time, and you even stayed in touch with me when my case was over.

Thank you!”

I just wanted to write you a thank you letter for helping out my daughter… She is getting her life together and getting past all of this. Thank you so much for being such a fast acting attorney who knows what he needs to do.

“You worked so hard for me–your fees are more than reasonable and you did a wonderful job for me in keeping me out of a trial situation!”

“You came to see me in jail when I asked and was scared.

Thanks so much!”

“Mr. Adams, you answered all my questions and always got back to us promptly!”

“Ed, you worked so diligently on my son’s case! I couldn’t believe the fee you charged for all the work you did!”

“Ed, you are a wonderful negotiator! You were able to plea bargain my childs case and avoid a trial!”

‘Our son was so frightened when he made the mistake of shoplifting. You were so wonderful about reassuring him and us, and you got him probation as well as a referral to a community program. He got back to a normal AND crime-free life with no time served!

Thank you!”

“Ed, My child’s felony charge was reduced to a misdemeanor–probation only–and I think he learned his lesson. So many attorneys promise things that they don’t deliver. I was impressed with your own moral character  I think it is giving him the courage to live up to your faith in him.

Thank you!”

Hello Ed! I wanted to send you a letter to let you know how much that I appreciate all that you have done for me. I’ve listened to some real horror stories about the lack of representation. I’m so very fortunate that my mother brought me to your firm. That the representation you gave me was excellent. I realize that the respect that the D.A. has for you and your firm is the reason for the leniency that I was given. I would also like to say thank you for taking a few minutes out of your day to visit me. It is unusual to me for someone I’ve known for such a short time to show me the kindness you have.